Duane Shoffner

Through the Lens of Duane Shoffner: Landscapes

These images are courtesy of the Kern County photographer, Duane Shoffner. Select any of the thumbnail images below to bring up a larger version of the picture. He also has a photo album of Kern County wildflowers and features created by water.

These photographs are copyrighted by Duane Shoffner. Contact Nick Strobel if you would like to get higher resolution versions of these suitable for printing.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley (212 KB)

North of Pismo Beach
North of Pismo Beach, CA (168 KB)
South Lake Sierras
South Lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (232 KB)
Monument Valley, AZ
Monument Valley (204 KB)
Monument Valley, AZ
Monument Valley (300 KB)
Near Lone Pine, CA
Near Lone Pine, CA (308 KB)
Above Bishop, CA
Above Bishop, CA (296 KB)
Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Canyon de Chelly, AZ (280 KB)
west of Monument Valley
A bit west of Monument Valley (308 KB)
Cambria CA
Cambria, CA (288 KB)

Fall in CA High Sierra
Fall in California's High Sierras (388 KB)

Lone Pine Peak Sierras
Lone Pine Peak in the Sierra Mountains CA (372 KB)
Monument Valley morning
Monument Valley in the morning (108 KB)
Mt Whitney
Mt Whitney CA in red, white, and blue (400 KB)
North Lake CA
North Lake CA (292 KB)
Sabrina Lake CA
Sabrina Lake near Bishop, CA (380 KB)
Mt Whitney sunset
Mt Whitney CA at sunset (136 KB)

last updated: February 28, 2012

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